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April 22, 2011

After dinner at Chungdam Ahn, we stopped by Chicco on Robson St for some dessert. Chicco is a Japanese dessert cafe specializing in Japanese style parfaits, but they also make delicious looking cakes as well. How do you pronounce “Chicco”? I always thought you say it like “chi-co”, but after reading the Japanese pronunciation, I think it’s supposed to be “ki-co” (キッコー)instead.

The cafe itself is tiny, and there is only enough room to seat about four tables of people. All of the tables were occupied when we went inside, but luckily one opened up just as we were placing our orders.

Here is a menu of their drinks and parfaits hanging on the wall:

They have a lot of flavours available for the parfaits, but I was only interested in one that day – the matcha parfait that was advertised on the board outside the cafe. The cheesecake parfait that I saw someone order looked good as well.

When I went up to order, the lady behind the counter told us that we had to have a minimum order of one item per person in order to sit in to eat at the restaurant. I guess it’s because the seating is so limited, but we were really only interested in the parfait and nothing else. Since the parfait is already so expensive ($7.50 each), it doesn’t seem very fair for that rule to exist. No one wanted to eat outside though, so we all had to abide to the rule and order something in order to sit down to eat inside.

Green Tea Parfait ($7.50):

Keeping with the green tea theme, the parfait consists of (from top to bottom): a ball of green tea gelato, a block of green tea mousse cake, red bean, 2 pieces of mochi, whipped cream, green tea jelly, cornflakes, a ball of vanilla gelato, and chunks of sponge cake at the very bottom.

Everything tasted delicious, except it gets a bit dry when you get down to the layer of cornflakes if you don’t mix it with the whipped cream well. I would have preferred more of the vanilla gelato to replace some of the whipped cream, because I think it goes better with the cornflakes and sponge cake. By the time you get down to the sponge cake layer though, there is most likely no more cream or gelato to moisten the cake — something they should work on improving. The mochi pieces were nice and chewy, which left me craving for more.

Iced Coffee: ($3.50):

Since PonDeRing and I shared a parfait and were too full from dinner to get one each, I got an iced coffee to satisfy the rule of minimum one order per person to sit in. This was just ordinary iced coffee, nothing too special about it. They left out the sugar and cream for you to add yourself, which is good since you can flavour it to your own liking.

I thought the decorations on the wall was interesting:

The parfait didn’t disappoint in taste, but my only complaint is the price. Since there are not a lot of places in Vancouver that offer Japanese style parfaits yet (Aoyama Cafe in Aberdeen Centre and Mimibuloveme is the only other places I know), many people will still order it despite the price because of the novelty. I would probably go back more often to try the other flavours of parfait on their menu if they were less expensive.

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  1. April 23, 2011 6:29 PM

    The parfait here looks delicious too! I wish they used glasses instead of plastic cups because it just makes them look so much more attractive haha :D

    • April 25, 2011 8:01 AM

      Hey Janice, thanks for visiting! I agree with you, glasses would’ve made the parfaits look more attractive and more expensive looking as well. ^^

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