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Qoola Frozen Yogurt (Metrotown)

April 2, 2011

I really love the concept of self-serve frozen yogurt stores. Basically, you load your cup up with frozen yogurt, add toppings to your heart’s desire, weigh it, pay, and eat up! I love putting toppings on my yogurt, and can never stick to just one. I want a taste of everything! Self-serve yogurt places are perfect for people like me who go crazy with the toppings. The only downside is that you don’t know what to expect when you fill your cup up with goodies, and it can get pretty expensive if you don’t control yourself.

Qoola is a Vancouver based frozen yogurt chain that is also located on Denman St in downtown and in Aberdeen Mall at Richmond. The Metrotown Qoola used to be the only self-serve store that was offered, but I heard that the Richmond location underwent renovation a few months back and is now converted to a self-serve store as well.  Since I had some coupons that I bought online a while back, my mom and PonDeRing  joined me one day to Qoola for some delicious frozen yogurt.

This is how their soft-serve yogurt machines look like:

Qoola changes their yogurt flavours from time to time, and on this occasion they had original, green tea, raspberry, chocolate, country vanilla, and strawberry. They used to offer cheesecake flavour at the Richmond location, which is PonDeRing’s favourite. Too bad it was a limited flavour, and they took it off the menu. Wonder if they’ll ever bring it back?

Here is a snapshot of the wide array of toppings they have for you to choose from:

They have dry toppings such as granola, cereal, almonds, and chocolate chips,and fruit toppings like strawberries, blueberries, and mango. They also have tiny mochi pieces here, which is one of my favourite foods of all time. They even offer sauces like chocolate or caramel for those who wish to add some more flavour to their yogurt. Neat!

Since we had a $5 for $10 coupon, we each got a cup:

Original, Green tea, and Strawberry Frozen Yogurt:

The frozen yogurt was smooth and tasted very refreshing. My favourite flavour was the strawberry frozen yogurt, which was light tasting and reminded me of strawberry milk. The green tea was also good, though I would have preferred the matcha flavour to be a little stronger. The original flavour was a little too sour for me, considering the fact that I do have a penchant for sweet things. I got used to the flavour after a while though, and it went well with the sweeter toppings. I still like the plain soft serve frozen yogurt that they have at Yogen Fruz, which tastes less sour and has a wonderful flavour.

Chocolate and Country Vanilla Frozen Yogurt:

My mom enjoyed her yogurt, and filled her cup with lots of strawberries and almonds.

Chocolate, Raspberry, Country Vanilla, and Strawberry Frozen Yogurt:

PonDeRing really enjoyed the country vanilla, and thought it was the best flavour out of the ones she tried that day.

Besides frozen yogurt, Qoola also offers smoothies and waffles for those who want something different. For the frozen yogurt, they only offer you one size for the cup, which is quite large. I wish that they offered smaller cups though, since I find it to be a little awkward to eat a tiny portion of yogurt in a huge cup. It’s also harder to make the yogurt look nice if you have such a big cup, although in the end the taste is all that matters. On a side note, I love how Qoola is environmentally friendly, as all their cups, utensils, etc. are biodegradable or recyclable.

Qoola Frozen Yogurt + Fruit (Metrotown) on Urbanspoon

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  1. April 2, 2011 10:51 PM

    Yummy! :) I’m looking forward to next time~ I’m definitely not getting the original flavor again.. <3 Mochi topping~! :D

  2. Rachel permalink
    April 5, 2011 2:41 AM

    Haha I know what you mean about getting the yogurt looking nice and all for the photos! Recently, Qoola made their Richmond branch into a self-serving place and I had such a hard time trying to make it look nice… sadly, it just looked a mess == so I ended up just eating without photographing :D I guess that works too haha

    • April 7, 2011 7:22 AM

      Thank you for stopping by, Rachel! : )
      Ooh I can’t wait to go check out the one at Richmond! Hehe self-serve frozen yogurt places are so fun~

  3. April 15, 2011 6:48 PM

    <3 White chocolate macadamia flavor!!
    They should totally bring back cheesecake flavor!

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