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Po King Seafood Restaurant

March 26, 2011

So the other day, I was craving for some dim sum after not having it for quite some time. Since I don’t go to dim sum restaurants often, it’s always a fun experience for me when I do. I used to go eat it with my family occasionally, but I find it much more liberating to go with friends. Whenever I went with my family, the grown-ups ordered the food that they wanted to eat while the kids sat in silence and watched their favorite food being wheeled away from them by the women pushing the dim sum carts. However, when you’re with friends, you can order anything and everything you can manage to finish eating. On this occasion, I went with PonDeRing, Mochi, and JL. We left the decision of which restaurant to dine at to Mochi who chose Po King Seafood Restaurant.

If any of you remember Big Lai Palace (the dim sum joint near Metrotown that was closed down a long way back), you will recognize the lady boss who used to run that place at Po King.  Don’t expect friendly service here, because everyone looks too overworked and underpaid to care. But we were there for the food, and that was all that mattered.

All the dim sum items are priced at $2.95 (if I recall correctly), which is relatively cheap compared to other places. Po King still has the dim sum carts, which I prefer over ordering from a sheet because it’s more old school that way. I know the food will not be as fresh, but I  like seeing my food before ordering it. Although I usually end up ordering more this way as well.

We started off with a pot of tea. Can’t have dim sum without tea, can you?

We ordered quite a lot, so be prepared to feast your eyes!

Har Gow (shrimp dumplings):

The shrimps were huge, so they definitely were not being cheap with this dish. It was good, although the skin was a bit gummy, and not as thin as I would have liked.

Chicken Feet:

People who are unfamiliar with this dish would be scared to try it, but I swear it’s not as bad as it looks! It’s actually very delicious.

Siu Mai:

This was poorly made. I only took a bite of this and didn’t want to eat anymore. The siu mai was mostly filled with chunks of fat, and not enough meat to balance it out.

Rice wrapped in bamboo leaf:

This dish was just so-so, not as good as they used to make it at Big Lai Palace. There were pieces of chicken inside, but very little. There was also too much rice, and the flavour from the bamboo leaf didn’t infuse into the rice enough.

Rice rolls wrapped with shrimp:

This is one of my favourite dishes, and a must order whenever I go to eat dim sum! It doesn’t look too appealing in this picture, but I can assure you it is good. The shrimps were crunchy and not over-cooked, just the way it’s supposed to be. Nothing  to complain about here!

BBQ Pork Pastry:

I know that this dish can’t be too good for you, but I love it anyway. The skin was flaky with just the right amount of filling.

Tapioca Pudding:

This was more like a dessert dish. I have never tried this before, but I thought it wasn’t too bad. It was a custard like dish filled with clear tapioca balls. Not a dish I would order, but it was interesting to try something new.

Sesame Balls:

This is my absolute dim sum favourite… from childhood until now. This version of the sesame ball is a little different than the kind usually filled with red bean paste. It is bigger and has no filling inside. PonDeRing likes this version more than the ones with the fillings, but I’m more of a traditionalist. The huge sesame balls are good, but I still like the traditional filled kind more. Be sure to eat this while it’s still hot, since the skin becomes hard (and oily) once it gets cold.

Chinese doughnut wrapped with rice roll:

I enjoyed this dish, but would prefer more sauce to soak the Chinese doughnuts in. Yummy nevertheless.

BBQ Pork Bun:

I did not try this, so can’t comment on it.

Egg Yolk Custard Bun:

I regret ordering this. I wanted to give it a try since I’ve never had it before, but it was a bad idea. I thought that there was too little filling, and I did not enjoy eating the tasteless part of the bun. The custard part of the bun wasn’t very good either.

Ma Lai Gao (malay cake):

This was a kind of steamed cake. Super good, couldn’t leave without ordering this! A not too sweet dessert to finish off the meal.

We couldn’t finish everything all the food, so we packed some to go. There was also this fried fish dish that I forgot to take a picture of. Although we ordered a lot of food, the total only came up to around $10 per person. The great thing about dim sum is that every single dish is shared, so you get to try a bit of each dish without being too full.

The service was basically non-existent throughout our meal. We had to get up to fill the tea with hot water from this table ourselves. Same goes with getting clean bowls.

Overall, this place was not as terrible as some people made it out to be. Tthe food was not exceptional, but good for what you pay for. If you can disregard the bad service and just go for the food, then I promise that you won’t be too disappointed.

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  1. March 26, 2011 9:00 PM

    Oo~ this is making me hungry!! I want some dim sum now!! XD
    My favorite was the Har gow and the malay cake. :))

  2. crustabakes permalink
    March 27, 2011 8:29 AM

    Your post has my stomach grumbling. I am thinking of dim sum places to visit for tomorrow’s breakfast!

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