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Ap Gu Jung Korean Restaurant

March 26, 2011

The plan for the day originally was to dine at Chungdam Ahn for lunch, and then head over to WE coffee for afternoon tea. I had some coupons bought online on my hands that I was keen to use up before they expired. Despite knowing beforehand that Chungdam Ahn is an izakaya style restaurant and izakayas generally open for business at night, I failed to register that thought until after arriving at the doorstep of the closed restaurant. What now? Well, we were in the heart of downtown Vancouver after all, and there were plenty of restaurants in the vicinity. It was a typical wet and rainy Vancouver day, and we were craving for Korean food with a vengeance. Walking along Robson Street, I think that it was Apgujung’s outdoor patio that caught our eye and compelled us to walk inside.

Although the restaurant was not packed (given that it was a bleary Sunday and past lunch time), there were still quite a few tables that were filled. Despite this, I spotted only one server who had to do everything from waiting tables to getting customers their bills after they were done eating. After browsing the menu and making up our minds, we had to wait quite a while before the waiter finally came to take our orders. I think that under the circumstances, the waiter did a fairly good job at multitasking and doing his job to the best of his ability. The restaurant was without a doubt understaffed that day, and the slow service did not exactly leave a good impression.

Like most Korean restaurants, we started off with an assortment of banchan (side dishes).

Kimchi, Potato, Seaweed, and Bean Sprouts:

My favourites out of the above side dishes were the kimchi and seaweed.I don’t know how good the kimchi was in Korean standards; but I love kimchi, so nothing to complain about here. The potato dish was also quite delicious, and we asked for refills for all three dishes.

Spicy Vegetable Soup with Beef & Noodles ($8.95):

It came with a small bowl of rice on the side. The soup was super delicious and very flavourful – perfect to drink on a chilly day. It was filled with lots of bean sprouts, green onions, beef, and super yummy glass noodles. If I recall correctly, it was not too spicy (to me at least), so don’t be intimidated to give this dish a try. I was disappointed that I couldn’t taste the gochujang (hot pepper paste) in this dish. From the picture, it looks like chili oil was used instead.

Soft tofu hot pot with beef ($8.95)

This came with mushrooms, tofu, and an egg. The egg yolk was taken out by PonDeRing and mixed with rice. So scrumptious! I actually preferred this soup dish over the other, as I liked the ingredients in this more and thought that the soup was more flavourful as well. The beef in this soup came in small pieces, unlike the other dish that came with big chunks of beef.

While Ap Gu Jung will not be my go-to place for Korean food, I thought that the food was pretty decent. This place is great for large gatherings, so I suggest coming with a few friends.

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  1. March 26, 2011 4:20 AM

    Delicious soup!! :D I enjoyed it as well. I should take you to Jang Mo Jib next time. They also have very good food :) (Albeit a bit on the pricey side if I remember correctly).

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